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retro rover

Oh my god I remember hearing this story and loving it at the time, though those poor vintage teddies. The dog in question though to cute to be believed. I totally agree also that dogs see things that we don't. I have been freaked out in the past by my dogs barking at nothing. Particularly our bulldog Bon who NEVER barks

retro rover


I am with you. Dogs know! The three at the house all bark ferociously, all at once, all the time. At nothing......or is there something we just can't see......


oh, my, goodness!


Oh, my heavens! Can you imagine the upset people. I'm thinking that you are on to something...Dogs can see things we just can't see. Dogs Know!!



that made me laugh

Granny Annie

Not really a laughing matter but I laughed anyway. A lot!


Oh my God. I can only imagine the handler's horror and how can those be replaced? Even if they are repaired...they still wont' be the same.

And of course it's not the dog's fault, he either saw or smelled something evil. Of course the fact we give them plush toys to 'kill' probably had nothing whatsoever to do with his rampage.


Oh my, it makes me rethink my not so good opinion of my Doberman.She's not the smartest dog I've ever had... I mean not even close. She hates my husband, but follows me everywhere, including to pick up the mail everyday.

One day, a poor man across the street was walking his golden retriever and he felt her wrath. He heard her intruder bark and he just turned around and walked the other way. At least she watches my back.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

You know, those Teddy Bears could be scheming

Jackie Bouchard

Oh. My. Dog. That is too funny. If you wrote that in a fictional story, no one would believe it could ever happen.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes yoo ar absolootly positivly korrekt abowt this!!! i hav ben trying to git peepul to unnerstand it for yeerz!!! mabel is a heero a heero i tel yoo!!! ok bye

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