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I laughed out loud when I saw this one during the game and I thought of you. The scene at the end was priceless.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Glad he didn't win for the Rosemary's Baby eating a bag of Doritos

Granny Annie

I love that commercial. Glad you showed it here because I missed it. Most of the commercials were awful. I did like the Audi commercial. Everyone was disappointed that we didn't have the Clydesdale s.


I missed the clydesdales. It was nice to see some dogs featured!!


M. K. Clinton

That was one of my favorite commercials too. I was bummed about Budweiser though. Hopefully, they will get back to making sweet commercials next year.


Well, except for the cruelty of feeding Doritos to dogs, it was the funniest Super Bowl ad.


I loved this..

retro rover

wow thats pretty amazing

Jackie Bouchard

Oh, I'm glad he won. I must have misunderstood. Saw something on the news the next day about the Doritos ad w the ultrasound and thought THAT one had won. Glad the doggy one was the winner.


Somehow I missed that one. But honestly you're either missing part of the game or missing some commercials. Lately I haven't been that impressed with the commercials so understandably (especially when it's a fairly well matched game) I use the commercials to get stuff done. My bad.


I didn't watch the Super Bowl, so this was the first time I saw this... Hilarious! He deserved to win!


funny - one of the ONLY commercials i actually saw from the superbowl. :)

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