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Pro Bone....I love it....and I love the little Corgi


And we can picture all the blogging furries hiring such a lawyer because they don't like diet food, or have to go to the vet, or don't get enough treats ..... :)

Seriously, an attorney that specializes in pet cases? Great idea!


That last one made me laugh OUT LOUD!!!



Pro Bone... three collie beat me to it, but I love it, too. My daughter has a soft spot for Corgis... this legal one is making the breed grow on me. Smart pup.

Granny Annie

OMG! You are so funny. "Pro bone". LOL It is really a smart ides though to have pet defense attorneys. I watch Judge Judy a lot and don't show up trying to defend a pit bull in any circumstance because you will lose.


I know several lawyers who have gotten fed up with their work. This guy sounds like someone who has found a way to make law more interesting.

But hopefully he has good health insurance given that one client.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

At one time Foley was the most famous dog attorney in the world. Thank God someone has picked up her life work.

Jackie Bouchard

Too funny. Reminds me of a novel I read recently - I think it was called "The Lawyer for the Dog" involving a custody case.


that was very smart and very funny..you should send it to the lawyer..


There's also a law firm (I think it's out of NY) that specializes in helping dogs that have been wrongfully accused, or just being dogs. I believe they do some work Pro-bone. :-)

There were a couple of cases up my way, with dogs that got out of their yard and I think one killed some chickens and the courts wanted to put the dog down. This firm (Why can't I think of their names?) worked to get the dogs someplace safe where they could live out their lives.

M. K. Clinton

I love those memes! I think being a dog lawyer would be more fun than a criminal attorney!

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