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You got that right!


Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I could easily leave a 1,000 word response to this. I remember when movies like The Godfather, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Sting, The French Connection, that people actually watched won awards. Now there are movies no one has seen and if you do see them, like Birdman, they are terrible. I don't think people even watched these movies anymore. I think they vote on what sounds good. I hope Chris Rock does a monologue about how much the Oscars suck. That would be worth watching


There is massive armed security at the Oscars and guess who all are wearing gun control bracelets. Hypocrits.


Count us among the I don't care. We don't watch movies.

retro rover

I care nothing about the oscars. There are so many examples of racial injustice and this is just one more

M. K. Clinton

The only movie that I saw from the Academy Awards was the cartoon, Inside Out! LOL!


I don't even watch it. I used to love the award shows, but everything today is so political and everyone is trying to jam their point of view down everyone's throat, I just stopped.

Mike Webster

The comments above are so completely of one mind that I feel compelled to offer another point of view.

Many Americans do not care about the Oscars. I myself enjoy movies, and I don't care about them either. And if one is not a movie watcher, it is undestandable that we would see all this talk of admittedly talented and accomplished black people being excluded from this year's Oscar nominations as irrelevant. But we shape our media, and are in turn shaped by it. So media messages are powerful even when we don't realize how we interact with them.

And the fact that talented black people can still go unacknowledged in their chosen professions is quite relevant for them. In the movie industry, the attention Oscar winners and runners receive translates into more job offers, so the neglect does indeed have serious consequences for black individuals trying to stay employed in that industry. It's like being turned down again and again for a job promotion everyone recognizes you deserve.

So, yes, in one sense, this is in fact "just one more example of racial injustice." But that doesn't mean that the people affected by it shouldn't talk back to it.

And if the rest of us are tired of listening to all the talk about this and other injustices, let's work to eliminate the injustices. The need for the talk will then evaporate, and we won't have to listen to it anymore.

Here endeth the sermon. :)

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