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retro rover

ok I'm sorry but I often think theres a bit of small dog prejudice in this. I find it hard to believe that a large dog can't do more damage to furniture and stuff by chewing. I have owned small dogs and my very large lab. I adored my lab mix, he was part pit bull, best dog ever. He ate an entire couch. The most damage my poodle has done is chew a bit of a library book. Now of course both incidents where really my fault, but still. How much damage can a properly managed chihuahua do


I think it has to do with the individual dog rather than its breed. My six pound Chihuahua took a bite out of one of my aunts. One German Shepherd kept destroying Christmas tree ornaments. Another German Shepherd chewed up the side of the couch. And today, we found that our Doberman had taken a dump in our daughter's bed. You haven't lived until you had to clean up that mess at 6:34 in the morning.


once you get the lab past the year or two mark, i'd agree. :)


I'm not surprised to see Husky and GSD on that list...

Granny Annie

I must add that the best dog in the world is a BMC (Black Mouth Cur). Oh did I mention my Slim is a BMC and she is the BDITW. (Best Dog In The World!)


I think the reason for this is mostly due to the way people tend to treat small dogs vs large dogs. Lots of people assume small dogs can't do that much damage so they don't worry about it until it's too late and the damage is done. Large dog owners, on the other hand, are very much aware of how destructive their dog could be if given the chance, so they tend to take more precautions against such behavior.

As an anecdote, my large dogs (German Shepherd, Boxer mix, Husky, and now Pit Bull puppy) have never done any significant amount of damage around here, but the 30 lb terrier mix managed to lock himself in the bathroom while we were out once and flooded the whole downstairs of the house by pulling the water line to the back of the toilet loose. Yeah, that was pricey. And he's now kept in a crate whenever we're not home.


I was gonna write a big long comment BUT I agree with the above comment! :) Done :)

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

From Pocket: Yay! I am on the list of least destructive. Not that we don't try, we just don't get much accomplished

Jackie Bouchard

Interesting list, but I deffinitely agree with the comment above that it's all about the individual dog. Rita is mostly german shep. and she's never touched a thing in the house that wasn't hers. (Oh wait... once she chewed on my 5 lb weights when I was working out and she wanted me to play with her instead....) Anyway, she's mostly an angel, and we've never had to crate her. She has the run of the place while we're out. We lucked out with her cuz it's not like we trained her to be an angel! :)

M. K. Clinton

Oh my gosh, Pierre's head is going to be too big to fit through the door when I read him this list! Being #2 on the least destructive list is pretty accurate.


Number 8....Beagle! ME!!! Destructive!!! MEEE? Boomer the Beagle!!!



Nate was a 110 pound pitty bull dog...he ate the white wall off of a tire, a 4x4 piece of sheetrock right off the wall, belts, shoes, books, corners of doors, wire off of a chain length fence, the sills on windows, a couch, a recliner, pillows, electrical cords, etc..

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot??? why am i not on the most destruktiv list??? kleerly i hav ben slakking off the last fyoo yeerz i wil hav to git bak on the stik and wreck a fyoo things!!! ok bye


I'm truly surprised that Labradors aren't in the top ten for destruction. I've heard of so many labs who have chewed through walls, scratched up wood, etc. My own two scratch at my rug and do it right where the seam is, so I do need a new carpet. :-) See I told you they were destructive. :-)

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