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retro rover

yep great dogs but so not for me


I LIKE huskies! As long as they belong to someone else.
I remember when a lovely full-grown, as in really, really, really, big Malamute was surrendered at the animal hospital where I worked. A guy adopted him within a day or two..he was truly a beautiful dog. The guy had a nice truck.....had being the operative word. His folks wouldn't let him keep the dog inside so he left him in that nice truck overnight. Every thing that could be chewed or pooped on was. No seats. No steering wheel. No seat belts. No carpets, no nice truck any more. He even left tooth marks on the window glass. I was awful glad I had Brandy then and didn't adopt him myself.


holy crap..years ago when my boys were little we owned two half malamute/wolf's..Simon and Garfunkel..they were so protective of the boys that one attacked the mailman for picking Thom up and holding him..the other attacked the paper boy who threw the paper and it landed by the boys playing..they didn't bite or anything..just knocked them down and pinned them down..friend who had about 75 acres way out in Oregon gave them homes...


We had one for several years. I loved her to death. But Molly only did what Molly wanted to do. Although, lucky for me, she adored me and did whatever I asked. Thanks for the memories.



As the owner of husky mixes, NONE of these surprise me!

Granny Annie

And of course the most famous, amazing Balto:-)


I get a chuckle out of Husky stories and there are lots of them. They're beautiful, but too high-spirited for me.


I can't stop grinning at that face sticking out the dryer vent.

I briefly considered adopting a husky an acquaintance was looking to rehome as my first adult dog. We even did a home visit.

I think we made the right choice. An escaping husky in Philadelphia would have been too much excitement for me as an inexperienced dog person.

M. K. Clinton

Those are wonderful. I saw the dog stealing the bone on television and it's hilarious. I felt sorry for poor Albert. ♥

Dennis the Vizsla

"Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs ..."


Wow and I thought Delilah was challenging.

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