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Sometimes I just can't think of anything to say. lol


Seriously. I'm still laughing.


Sometimes I am just stunned at the goings on of people.



holyshit..and they let him loose?

Lauren Miller

I'm really glad they caught that guy! How scary!

M. K. Clinton

I simply cannot believe that they released this man even with an ankle monitor. He had a lot of weapons!


Thats so funny... or hes just invoke on mental health

retro rover

oh my. I have to kind of feel sorry for the man even though of course the president and his family must always be protected. I hope the judge also ordered some real treatment for this man who obviously needs help from mental health professionals.


I've love to know where the dognapping fell into that man's fantasy life.


And the judge let him go? This man sounds like he needs mental help... and so does the would be dognapper.


What the hell does an ankle monitor do? Sometimes I wonder what the hell these judges are thinking with.

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