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Perhaps the cutest dog I have ever seen. I voted dog right from the start because of the small teeth. lol


I saw that pic, and cracked up, because in the photo she does somewhat resemble a bear. What a cutie!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

But if you see that dog on the street you should still try to stand up as tall as you can to scare him off

Monika & Sam

That's one adorable little ball of fur, whether cub or pup! Too cute for words. :)


My friend has Pomeranian but she is not as cute as this bear-looking one! I love it, so cute!


What a cutie pie!

Granny Annie

So do they know what the cross with the Pomeranian was? Cute teddy bear doggy.


Hmm, are pomeranians taking the internet over from the corgis?


I love this..an want one..


hey I can comment now..hot damn


What a cutie! A Teddy Bear puppy!


My Austin Dog

No wonder it is widely mistaken as a bear. Quite a good find though, really interesting. Learning something every now and then. Thanks for posting this one!


I took one look at this dog and thought of my niece dog, Lulu, a full Pomeranian. What, are people stupid, or what?

retro rover

its clearly a pom


Eek. So cute! We think our senior dog Mia resembles a bear too.


I can't imagine not realizing you had bears. I mean aren't their paws different? Last I knew bears had claws. Don't they make a donut named after a bear.

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