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Very well said! Fear is a mighty thing, so is courage.



I think the goat was more like stupid but what ever works.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

That goat must have one charming personality

Jackie Bouchard

That's wild. Hope the tiger doesn't change his mind. That would be bad... especially if everyone's watching on their webcams and whatnot.


I really love this post and it makes my heart "feel full", but it freaks out the biologist in me for obvious reasons. For Timur's sake, I hope they never forget to feed Amur.

retro rover

very sweet

retro rover

M. K. Clinton

Wow! Once again we could learn so much from the animal kingdom. ♥


Yeah, am I weird for having the same thought as Jackie Bouchard?

I bet that park is feeding that tiger really well to make sure they don't have a bloody PR problem on their hands.


I don't you're weird Pamela, or Jackie either. That was the very first thought that came to my head. Unless....we're all weird?


Such a great story.


Such a sweet story. A part of me wonders if one day the tiger will decide to eat the goat after all, though. And then people will be shocked.

But I hope not. I hope they remain friends because it is very sweet.

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