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Simply sickening. I will share this any way I can. They are monsters, no two ways about it.


I think these people are serial killers! Right up there with the Silence of the Lamb types. Only they get to 'do it' because of a very hefty positive campaign image.

I'm sending this around to everyone I can!!



How do they get away with this? I'm not naive. Really, I want to know who they know and how they get away with these actions.

M. K. Clinton

WOW! That is really such a scary story. Why don't more people know about the atrocities that PETA is performing?


The media helps them by publicizing the screwball antics and pretending that they are experts in animal welfare. But beyond that I don't know how they can sustain themselves and continue to get donationsl 


Sue V

I will never support Peta ever again...I have donated to them for years...this story disgusts me. Sue V

retro rover

i hate PETA and thats the worse they have ever done. Stealing a dog off a porch, How on earth is that legal I hope they loose every penny

retro rover


How do they keep getting donations? Because there are people out there like my husband (fortunately not with PETA) who will make a donation to damn near anyone who asks him if they present their cause in a good light.

One of the best reasons for moving on the boat was to stop getting the fundraising calls from everyone who had him on their list.


PETA makes me sick. I'd like to euthanize them.

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