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Excellent choices! Happy New Year!


The December Golden Poodle awards should get an award. You outdid yourself on this one, Jan. Good stuff.

M. K. Clinton

Finally, awards that go to the most deserving people. Shame on PETA And Chipotle!

JR Ringer

Love these award, especially the last one. What hypocrisy.


I agree with the lifetime award for Peta.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Congrats to some winners, a slap in the head to others

Jan K

Perhaps Chipotle is experiencing a little bit of karma?
And why does PETA still exist, is anyone still fooled by them?

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!

Granny Annie

You made some appropriate selections for awards. I had not heard about the PETA incident. What in the world! And I so loved the tiger and goat friendship. Sadly terrorists are attacking every day since Paris and before.


Excellent choices once more!



As always, great choices!

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