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Bankrupting the world to solve a problem that doesn't exist is totally stupid.They say it is for the children, but how does going trillions into debt help the childres?

No one knows whether the earth is warming or cooling but if I have a choice i choose warming.




Well, said!



The climate on Earth has been changing since Earth has had a climate. Personally, I find it disturbing that science has prostituted scientific method for money.

retro rover

This made me laugh because of the lower birth rate part My husband and I are 37 and married 14 years and no kids except furry ones. Ill be 38 soon so the door on human kids is closing. This can be my new excuse when people ask, its too hot for me to have kids

retro rover


I agree throughly with the stupidity of sending vast amounts of pollution into the atmosphere for a big showy meeting that has no consequences for nations who continue to hog resources.

I know that anecdotes are a bad way to look at climate science. But I find it a little surprising at your vehemence that we're not seeing serious climate effects given that you're living in the middle of a terrible drought.

As for actual facts, you may have read someone who didn't understand NASA's recent reports on sea ice. Apparently the maximum level of sea ice (which usually hits in March) is quite low. And the minimum level of sea ice (which usually hits in September) is quite high. At least that's what I read at the NASA website.

But of course I don't need to tell you about the importance of comparative lit. You're the teacher. :)



I thought at first you were my daughter Pamela. We have lively discussions on this subject.

I am so in awe of the livestyle you are Mike have chosen, happily sailing in your little boat, leaving barely a carbon toeprint. You are both great and so is Honey. You are better citizens than I am.

Drought. California has always had droughts. That is why we have reservoirs. But when there are not enough to keep up with growing populations and when millions of gallons are flushed into the ocean to protect a three inch fish, then you have a man made drought. Nunes explains it best;  http://nunes.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398419

Ice caps. Al Gore and others predicted that the Antartic ice would be completely melted by 2013. But that year they were at a record high in mass. And they are still massive. NASA and others who depend on AGW to get funding are embarrassed and need to put a spin on it, but it's hard to argue with a photo.




Jan, I couldn't agree with you more on this. How about our world leaders stop pushing an agenda that is shaky at best, and start dealing with the real problems that are right in front of them?!?


Don't you just love the hypocrisy of our leaders? I've reached the point where I believe very little of what they tell us.

As for climate change, Maybe? I'm not sure, but if there is climatic change I believe a good part of it is the natural cycle of Earth.

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