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Well done!

Granny Annie

You go girl! Sending this to my farmer friends.


THANK YOU! Well said!



You go, girl. I can't speak for Chipotle because I've never eaten there, but I think what's going on with them is a bigger problem and one more closely tied to third world immigrant who don't have first world hygiene.

We went to breakfast at one of our favorite 24 hour restaurants one day and I went to the restroom before our food was served. I was washing my hand when a woman, clearly an employee from her uniform, popped out of one of the stalls without flushing and without washing her hands. It may be considered a bit nosy, but I checked the bowl and it was full of #2. I was shocked, yes much like Jerry Seinfeld.

This was a place we've visited over the years... from our own childhood, from prom night, from bringing our children to for breakfast for dinner and definitely not a fly by night diner.

We're seeing the beginning of our nation becoming a third world country if we're not careful.

retro rover

I've never eaten there and now i never will


There no better than taco bell or other fast food places, just pretentious. I wont be able to eat there after all these problems.

M. K. Clinton

Farmers are the hardest working and least appreciated people in America! I could never do what they do from sun up to sun down. God bless the farmers ♥


Nicely said!


Yep, jumping on the all GMOs are bad bandwagon without knowledge doesn't help anyone. And Chipotle certainly put their foot in it. Hope they can get a handle on whatever they're doing wrong before anyone else gets sick.

My biggest worry about GMOs is that it's one more way for huge agricultural companies to hurt farmers even more. Big is almost never better. And farmers are already being squeezed by the companies they depend on to buy their products and to provide their seeds.


See, you trust the government and all those agencies who tell you it's okay to eat GMO's. I don't trust them. How many times have they told us something is safe, only to find out it isn't.

I do agree with Pamela though, those big GMO companies can really put a hurting on the farmers.

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