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Happy endings are way too rare these days!


A happy ending!


That poor puppy. And the owner must have been frantic. So glad the puppy survived.


Wanna know how I think? My dog goes overboard and they won't stop for it...will they stop for a human? Cause I'd go right after it. ;-)


What? That is the luckiest pup in the world. Poor baby. I hope Noodle is OK.

I think I'm with Jodi on this... I think that a couple of strong men would've had have to be around to stop me from jumping in after the lost puppy.


WHEW! Thankfully a happy ending!!!


Jackie Bouchard

My sis sent me a link to that story yesterday. Noodles is SO cute! Glad it ended well. Seriously, if that had been us... I dunno, I'm thinking I would have jumped in the water after the dog! (And then you'd hope the ferry folks WOULD turn around.)

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay that poor puppy dog reeminds me of the poor vizsla dog wot got plukd frum the gulf of meksiko sevral yeerz ago!!! i think the ferry employeez hav alreddy wun yore lizard brain award!!! ok bye

M. K. Clinton

Wow! I don't condone violence, but a crew member would have been tossed over so they'd go back to rescue him and my new puppy! What morons. I'm so glad the little pup was saved.

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