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Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

Little dogs rule and so do little Queens

Jackie Bouchard

Well, I had no idea she was a Lab lover. Maybe I should send her a copy of WHAT THE DOG ATE since that's got a chocolate Lab in it. :)

I heard (was it here?) that she didn't replace any of her corgis when they passed recently(ish) because they'd become a tripping hazard! Wonder if that's true... Anyway, when you're 89 you have to worry about these things. Even if you have a castle full of folks helping you out.


I knew she was always hands on with her dogs, but at 89 it is possible they were a trip hazard for her. Only the Queen and her close friends and family know for sure.


That's a lot of labs, but I can't say as I blame her for loving the labs. I have a leaning towards them myself. ;-)


She should let the Labs run the place, not the corgi's.


Oh, dear, we have read those Corgis can be a bit ... um, aggressive. Could they be spoiled by any chance? :)


i'm a big softy for labs, myself.


I love those dog crowns! Every dog needs one!!!


M. K. Clinton

Since our Weather Lab Paisley is a black lab, we are big fans of the breed too. I think Corgis are really cute. ♥

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