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Funny how the lawyers always complain about everyone else's money grubbing ways, but never their own. These expenses seem outlandish to me, but I predict it will have to go to court to be settled. Hey great, more money for the lawyers.


Careful scrutiny of the will should resolve this dispute, no?Makes you realize the importance of careful estate planning and clear instructions for survivors.

LeeAnna Paylor

Cole has a lot of special needs. I was just thinking about who would care for him in case... this man left provisions but it still isn't working. sad...LeeAnna and Cole


lets go kidnap him and give him to the other people..let him try and get the dog back..asshole


Take care of the dog. The money is there. I think the cost is ludicrous but this LA/entertainment lifestyle is not mine.


The money is there!!! It should be used as he wanted it too!


Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

If the money is there it should go to the caretakers. if they don't spend it on Columbo I am sure Columbo could pay them back for ripping off his Dad.


Same here for my persona no grata comments ;)


Take care of the dog as he would have wanted!


If those were the expenses before his death, it seems logical they would continue. But lawyers never think logically.


I hope the pup is being cared for properly while this dispute is worked out. In the end, that's the only thing that really matters.


I'm totally confused. If he had a will surely he had stipulations as to who would care for the dog and money set aside for caring for it.

It should be simple, no?


Why? Just why?

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