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Mike Webster

I'm sure my wife would like to give this lady a run for her money. But where on this boat would we keep another forty dogs?


What a caring couple taking in special needs dogs. They sure have their hands full.


That is so wonderful and who of us wouldn't want to be covered by a sea of beloved dogs. However I used to go to cardiac rehab with a fellow who had five large dogs and he smelled like all of them all of the time. I knew he was working out before I even turned the corner into the room. Wonder if these folks can keep from smelling like dogs....or do they care? Guess I didn't care about smelling like cigarettes when I was a smoker cause I loved smoking. Perhaps I ponder too much:-)


Now THAT is what a breeder should be, kind, caring, loving, firm, fun...perfect!


Monika & Sam

Ok, that just made me smile all over. ;)


Kudos to them. I have my hands full with my 200 pounds of dog.
They often lie on the floor together and make a doggie dam that we humans must maneuver around or over. I can't begin to imagine 41 of them lying around.

M. K. Clinton

That is amazing. I will never think my two are a handful again! BOL!

Susan and the gang from Life with Dogs and Cats

Love this. It could so easily be me.
--Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

What a wonderful couple. I am sure each dog is loved very much

Jackie Bouchard

Wowza. I want to visit! But not sure I could live with *that* many! So nice of them to take such good care of all those pups!


I think it's crazy. Really. I love dogs, I do. But as these folks are in their late 60's I see a potential problem if one or both of them pass. And maybe she should consider stop breeding.


am I the only one that thinks they are nuts?

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