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What? Here, too? I thought your blog would be the only place I wouldn't find BTTF today.






And whatever technology that was supposed to help the Cubs win the World Series... :)

M. K. Clinton

They are playing all three Back to the Future movies today on television. I love them. There are rumors of a hoverboard in the works too. I remember thinking 2015 was such a long time away when the movie debuted. ☺

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

They also missed dogs running the Internet

Jackie Bouchard

Gosh, I remember seeing those movies in the theater oh so long ago. That was back when we still went to movies! Thank heaven the future held big screen TVs and surround sound and Netflix!


So apparently Nike really did come through on those shoes...MJF is getting the first pair.


We keep hearing about hover boards around here. They showed them at our local fair. They've taken those little things people are rolling around on (Seguays sp?) and taken off the shaft so it's just the wheels and they are calling them hover boards.

I've tried to correct them many times, but they just won't listen.


I'm still waiting for my jet pack..
have to go to internet explorer to comment..all of a sudden crome doesn't like you.???? weird as shit.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot is that abowt not havving time masheens??? i hav a time masheen!!! i think we shud moov that wun up to the teknolodjee we hav acheevd kolumn!!! by the way wot is a fact masheen??? i think we cud yooze sum of those theez days!!! ok bye

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