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someone shoot her..


I'll bet she lost ALL her friends in one fell swoop!


M. K. Clinton

This is almost too much to believe. How can anyone be so callous? I'm glad that the dog is safe. Hopefully, someone will take this woman's guns away from her. She is clearly not fit to own one.

Jackie Bouchard

Stupid is as stupid does, and I'm guessing this stupid woman has a lot of stupid friends. Sigh.

I really don't understand some people!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song

I think Cinnamon needed someone to come a shoot her Mom


Obviously to some folks dogs are disposable, Cinnamon was lucky this happened as now she is out of that situation.


I saw that yesterday. Idiot woman! Glad the dog is safe.


Because CLEARLY she doesn't know how to bring the dog to the shelter. What a POS. All I can say is Karma really is a bitch.


Thank goodness she made that post instead of being one of those people who are heartless enough to pull the trigger themselves. I'm glad that Cinnamon is in foster care now.


So glad someone got that dog out of the situation. There are still country folk out there that think that is the way to handle a "problem" dog. That was how daddy did it, so that must be the right way.


She couldn't have gotten a trash can with a lid that prevents dogs from getting into it? Our dogs, especially the Dobie, can't resist snuffling the garbage either. If we shot all the dogs that do that, we'd be out of dogs.

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