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I dont even recognize that picture, she must really hate good looking men.


Lol. Ugly Tom was, well, ugly. If I were Rosenberg I'd hang onto the drawing for posterity and as a reminder of what not to do next time. Once is a charm, but twice or more will just make him an Internet laughingstock.


Sorry, I meant her.


I thought it was funny


I like your title! TEE HEE!! HAHAHAH


Comedy Plus

I too am still stuck on the title of this post. Bwahahahahahaha.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Foley Monster and Pocket

True story. My nephew works as a landscaper at the Brady's Massachusetts home. The nanny was leaving the house and the beagle pup got outside and all the landscapers had to chase the dog around the neighborhood before they finally caught it. He told us not to tell anyone because they have to sign a paper saying if they are going to work at his house they can't repeat anything they see or hear. But we think this is a safe spot.

Jackie Bouchard

I saw that on the news, but hadn't seen the memes. Too funny!

puppy how to

I hadn't seen the Memes either. I especially liked the "Thriller" one.


That meme of him as Michael Jackson? If you close your eyes and squint, you can mistake them for each other. :-)

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