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I love to look at these type of dogs, but would NOT like to deal with their coats.!


Foley Monster and Pocket

Mommy would love this dog. Her floors would always be clean


Thanks for sharing about this dog and I want one.


Dexter could hide in there...and would.

retro rover

What an interesting dog

retro rover


I get enough dog fur from my German Shepherd's winter woolies without having a dog like that. I'm learning to love bald dogs more and more.


Wow - so much work...I like my wash & go Labs.


I have heard grooming them is quite the process... involving a hot oil treatment and hours under a dryer. Wash & go is my speed too!

Jackie Bouchard

That video is so cute! I'm always fascinated by those dogs when I see one on TV. Don't think I've ever seen one in real life! I'm way too lazy about grooming (um, I mean for the dog but also possibly myself....) to have a dog like that.


I can't get your new post to show up..click on it and nothing happens,,,


How in the world can the dog see, never mind herd?!! LOL

retro rover

I always wondered if these dogs where comfy in all that hair

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