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From this we must conclude that Chinese people don't know their animals.

My husband is color blind (yes, he has two different colored eyes) and I tease him that he just doesn't know his colors. He is not amused.

retro rover

I can conceive off making this mistake but yet another reason to use a good breeder
retro rover


That's like the old urban legend of the mexican chihuahua!


Man they do'nt even look like puppies!



Like do people even think about this? I would definitely know I didn't have a puppy! Maybe not so much with the fox in the beginning but with the bears? Um, yeah.


I think he is full of shit..and got tired of raising his 'dogs'..


And that's the real reason totalitarian governments are bad news. Only in a repressive regime would people forget what puppies look like. :)


I think the Chicoms stole my comment ;)


Well hmm. I like to think I would have figured it out a bit more quickly, but who knows.

I didn't know foxes were foul-smelling!


oh my goodness...

Foley Monster and Pocket

I am sure they miss their Daddy


That Pomeranian story is kinda funny.

Jackie Bouchard

OMD. Pamela's comment is too funny. (this reminds me of the guy that bought a ferret passed off as a poodle. There may be a sucker born every minute but maybe there's also a dummy born every second??)

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