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It's always interesting to see these kinds of surveys. But I can't relate to having such a strong opinion about chain restaurants. We go out of our way to avoid them because everything tastes the same.

I'd be curious to see a survey that shows people's opinions of chains vs locally owned places serving similar food.


pizza house...the best..

Saved by dogs

We don't have any around us, but we harbor a fondness for Panera because at least some of the food is freshly prepared.


We like the 'made fresh' places. I think it is the coming trend.


Foley Monster and Pocket

Our parents don't eat much fast food but they have been to Panera


I'm not impressed by any of them. I go to them when I'm really hungry and don't feel like cooking at home.

Jackie Bouchard

We don't do a lot of fast food either. The places we do like to go are regional - Rubios and In N Out Burger, but we don't go often. I've heard McD's is hurting and trying to offer better, healthier stuff. Hopefully that trend will continue!


I can't tell you the last time I ate at a McDonalds. IF I HAVE to eat fast food, it is usually Wendy's. But I may have to try this Chipotle that you speak of, I did not know they used fresh food.


I hear Burger King's happy meals contain Minion toys that sound like they say, "What the f***". You know how tricky that Minion language can be ;)

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