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It's taken all I have to quit getting angry at "No problem." Yes, honey, I KNOW it was no problem to bring me more syrup! You were doing your job! You are *trained* to bring me syrup! I do not need your reassurance! But railing at service employees just gets you bad service. I decided "no problem" was just as polite as "you're welcome or "my pleasure." Times change.


I'm afraid to comment.


so, when I write my book will you edit it ?

retro rover

Oh dear, I may need you to edit my posts. Im a special education teacher now but, and I should be ashamed to admit this, I am a former English major. I do spend quite a bit of time teaching my students to say your well come, thank you, etc.

retro rover





I start my sentences with SO and AND, I'm bad. I have no defense except sometimes I get the whole language thing confused. Like I know what nouns and verbs are but when you start dangling participles in front of me, I have no idea. I think I get the lie and lay messed up too. What can I say? I did not major in English and my brain is too full of a bunch of useless information. :-) Thank goodness I have friends that can correct me.


The expression "have a nice one" annoys me to bits. A nice what?! I do start sentences with SO. My middle school English teacher said we should write as we speak.

Foley Monster and Pocket

My father in law was a newspaper editor. He always insisted on correct grammar. I would speak incorrectly just to anger him

Jackie Bouchard

Of that list, the only one that bugs me is "literally." I also have a pet peeve about people butchering sayings - but that's not really a grammar thing. That's just using the wrong word. (Like "If that's what you think, you've got another THING coming." Um no. THINK, people.) I agree on the whom thing. I know when to use it, but it always sounds so snooty. (Although I do own a "who rescued whom?" t-shirt!)

So, you're saying it annoys people when I start sentences that way? Oh well!


Enjoyed this - especially the part where folks think they have to speak carefully around you. I'm a librarian and I always get asked grammar questions. I usually respond that I'm not an English major. As a matter of fact I got a D in the only english class I was required to take in college (8am class, 4 days a week, 1st semester freshman year...yeah, missed a lot of classes)


i've fallen into the problem of 'no problem.' i hate it so need to be more mindful of it.

i also use things like 'very unique' as i comment around on blogland posts. :) that doesn't bother me, though.

i agree with you on 'whom'.


Please, please add misuse of "nauseous". When someone tells me he is nauseous, I always have to agree.


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