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dogs do soften even the most cynical of hearts so posing with them is great marketing. :)


Its sad because his life will never be the same and he didnt do that much wrong if anything. I am not a fan but it should not happen to anyone like that.


I don't care how many puppies Brady pulls out of his but, he's not going to get me to think any better of him. I didn't like him before the cheating scandal, so it didn't help his image with me.


A BEAGLE!!! I love beagles! But come on...how many dogs does this man have?

Anyway..I had a huge lol moment about Tom's deflated balls!



Not a fan. The pic is sweet but still not a fan.


And so, now the puppy mill breeders are working overtime on beagles. Much as I love to see celebrities with their dogs, it really scares me a bit.

retro rover

ITs a very sweet pic. My husband is a big proponent of smaller dogs he actually want let me get one larger then 30 lbs and he prefers tiny feeling they cost less to feed and our a bit easier to care for

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