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Jackie Bouchard

It was kind of an all-around stupid story. J.D. for thinking he's a celeb so the rules don't apply to him (hate it when folks think that!), but to threaten to euthanize them was a bit over the top.


the idiot sort of popped out of everyone ...


A pox on both their houses. Depp shouldn't have thought he was above the law and the Australian officials for their Draconian laws when it comes to dog matters... 10 years or $265,000? Seriously?


i hate that he thought he was above the law.


Stupidity on both sides. Yes, he broke the law and should be fined - but 10 years in prison?


A little over the top on the Australians reactions, but still he shouldn't have smuggled the dogs in.


Just because you are rich and famous...shish!



depp was a dip to think he was above the law...

but australia has such draconian laws to keep rabies OUT of the country. for that, i cannot blame them. i had a friend who was immigrating to aus, had a fiancee there, had a job waiting, and his dog was a service dog.

they had to put a $5.000 (aus dollars) deposit, and show 5 years worth of current vaccines, plus a notarized vet report that the dog had not ever shown signs of aggression. it took the guy and his fiancee 4 years to get all the finances and paperwork together...for a service dog. otherwise it would have been a 1 year (as i recall, i could be wrong on this) quarantine.

they're SERIOUS about no rabies in the country, they already have *enough* issues with pests imported from other countries, such as rabbits, cats, and rats.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow jack sparrow may be the best pirate ever but apparently as a smuggler he leevs sumthing to be desired!!! ok bye

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