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First PETA, and now these two vigilantes. Strong stench of classism (assuming a poor/immigrant owner must be a terrible one) all over these cases. How many more of these events where ARs are targeting immigrants to get at their pets are we not hearing about? Is this a new tactic in AR circles?


I would add extortion to the charges against these women. What nerve. I'm all for preventing animal neglect, but we have procedures in place within the law that are the proper way to deal with the problem.


I second everything PAI said!



people are crazy


Oh, jeez. Taking the law into their own hands by... breaking the law? When people do things like this, real animal abusers get away with the abuse because the focus is then on the vigilantes. If there's a real problem, it needs to follow the appropriate legal ladder so the abuser gets punished!


I can get my judgey pants on sometimes too. Let's face it we all have our own ideas of how dogs should be treated. But really if I went after every dog owner that didn't sleep with their dogs...:-)


That's the problem with this extreme activists....they think too much and think they are above the law.

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