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retro rover

Ive seen this blog about before but never visited, but as Im now a toy poodle owner I figured I should drop on by. What a lovely story about this dog and the help he received. I plan to be back to visit a lot as i really need to learn about toy poodles. Tuvok is great but so different from my pugs. Very finicky with his food and not too interested in play or training but very cuddly. I hope you'll drop by my blog sometime and can give me some poodle advice

retro rover


that is so sweet! may she have a long, healthy life!


huh, not all people are assholes.


What a great group of neighbors!

Jackie Bouchard

Thanks for sharing good news! It's nice to hear the good stuff since we usually only hear the bad!


What a wonderful story! I didn't know that dogs could get pacemakers! Cool!


And as difficult at $5800 would have been for that couple to raise, it's a small sacrifice when spread out among a bunch of villagers.

I only wish human medical care could be so affordable.


I'm so glad they are able to help our fur babies now---years ago it would not have been possible.



You are right, we need more of this kind of news!

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