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Lily loves the Kong you gave her, Mom. Sometimes we toss it like a ball, but since it's not round, you never know where it will go. It keeps her motivated.


The Kong reminds me of a football that takes some crazy bounces and makes for some strange plays and silly looking players.

M. K. Clinton

We have a number of Kong toys and have never had any problems. All toys are supposed to be used under supervision. I'd be interested to know if it was a knock off.


We've never had any problems either. My dogs think the Kong is just a holder of treats. When it is empty they bring it back for more.



None of our kongs even have teeth marks on them so my dogs dont know they are chew toys, like you said they just hold food.


Oh, gosh...I wish companies wouldn't try to go to cheap knock off...never a good idea.


The Bearden Pack

Ironically I just bought a second one today so that I could train my dog to drop the kong ball on retrieval. I haven't seen one torn through before.


I've never even heard of a Kong dog toy. I hope future pups are kept safe in the wake of this investigation.


Wow - although I've always kind of worried about that, none of my dogs actually chew their kongs - or any of the treat holder type toys. Good warning though.

Sherry in MT

As with anything like this it wasn't the "Kong's" fault. Supervise and inspect your dog's toys people - and trust me that may not even prevent it but it sure will help! Sometimes stuff happens but that toy - whatever it was - didn't walk over to the dog and throw itself in her mouth anymore than the one did that my puppy chewed up and swallowed the squeakers out of (yup, big ol' vet bills).

Jackie Bouchard

People don't want to take responsibility for anything themselves anymore. You'd think the owners would notice if their dog was destroying the thing. And it does sound odd that they described the bits as "plastic", since Kong's aren't plastic!


It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I hope the dog recovers.


We use them every night. Ours are made of rubber not plastic. In fact, some mornings Sampson plays with his, he loves to run and drop the Kong and let it bounce. It is far safer for him then a little super ball.

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