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when you have those hard days and when you come back home and see those smiling faces and wagging tails, it makes you forget about that day for a while or just completely and smile.


the dog, more important than the invention of the wheel.


My day is not complete without giving my dogs a kiss.


I love kissing my dogs...and they seem to love having me kiss them!!Linda


I'm a dog kisser. I don't kiss her on the lips and I'm not fond of her licking me. I usually kiss her on the nose or between the eyes. Then I promptly thank her for not biting me on the nose. She is a dog afterall and I'm all up in her business.


I heard an anchor on the morning news talk about how a little slobber never hurt anybody. That might be true, but I don't like dogs licking my mouth or face. When my German Shepherd Elke makes it known she want's something and I bring it to her, she'll always try to sneak in a thank you kiss. She's pretty fast, too. I've been licked quite a few times, but it's not my preference.

My husband likes to give our cats power kisses on the tops of their heads. Go figure.


The white poodle and I went to the bank this afternoon. While standing in line I noticed that one part of her topknot, near an ear was a bit pink. Yup, I wear pinkish lipstick and had kissed the dog on her topknot this morning. Muzzle and topknot kisses are okay-lip kisses-yuck!

Jackie Bouchard

Well, the name of my blog kinda says it all...


LOL Oh Jan, your last line beat me to the punch, I was going to say, they want me to pay them money for something I know? Let them pay me. :-)


Oh, Jackie, you pooch smoocher, you!

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