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I love this, it shows how much they care about the dogs who wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the racing which they love to do. The Peta idiots should just shut up.


What a champion Abbot is. I'm in awe of people with that kind of spirit. She's enough right now... anything more is icing on the cake.

Sherry in MT

Wowsa! Just Wow!


What a remarkable achievement, Cindy is an inspiration to us all!


I've got my fingers crossed she can finish the race this year~


she's wonderful and I will never know as I'm not interested in doing either..getting to the truck when it rains is as difficult as I'm ready for.


I'm impressed!!

Jan K

I can't imagine doing either of those things, and I greatly admire anyone that does. Even though I sometimes wonder what drives them to do things that are so difficult and so dangerous. But I guess if I understood that drive, I might have it myself!


I love the drive to do this, but it's something I would never ever do.

Linda ★★

Jackie Bouchard

Her answer makes a lot of sense. I would never be brave or well trained enough to attempt the Iditarod, but I would never ever Ben want to try Everest. SO many unappealing things about it!

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