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People like her are a blight on society!



Oh my, I had no idea all this controversy was going on! But then again, we don't really hear much about the Iditarod here.


We seem to live in a time when people think they can write anything on the internet and it will be believed. Thanks for following up. If we called out liars more often they would stop doing it.


What is causing this woman's anger? There's got to be something in her background.


one word.............BATSHIT

Sherry in MT

M needs to go get a REAL life. But then so do so many others that do that kind of stuff (hmmm PETA comes to mind). Send her a fire extinguisher! LOL


It ix sad when someone has to lie to make themself feel important. I agree with yellowdog, she is batshit crazy to think that people won't know she is lying.


One of the many things I dislike about the internet is the ability for people like this to pass of inaccurate information freely and easily and have it be accepted as fact.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay why duznt this persun tayk on a reel hyooman tradgedy like the long ignord fakt that thowsands and thowsands of hopeful jamaican bobsledders die evry yeer of thirst and starvayshun when they git in there bobsleds and then the bobsleds fail to moov doo to lak of snow and the bobsledders do not want to be diskwalified so they sit in the bobsleds for weeks until finallee ekspiring??? why duznt she want to tel the wurld abowt that??? hoo is it supplying the funds to mayk evrywun luk the other way??? inkwiring minds want to no!!! ok bye


But you would feed him if he came to your house right? I mean Colin Kaepernick of course. :-)

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