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They look like living caricatures!


Sigh! Yes, dogs need to be neutered.

Linda ❤⊱彡


Oh my word. I thought the first pic was the result of distorted perspective. People need to be more responsible with their pets.


i know the hearts of pitty's and I can't imagine that heart in that body...so sad.


Not sure why particular cross is creating such a stir. I mean, I know why, but I can't really believe it. In a world where dwarfism is a trait we selectively breed for, why is an unfortunate cross worth more attention than the thousands of dogs that suffer complications of dwarfism that is literally a requirement of thier breed.

Oh yeah, one is a "outlier", and the other is a common occurance across many breeds, and all breeders.

Thousands of people rush to their computers to decry cross-breeding, while no one mentions the true culprit; a society that think dwarfism is adorable.


What makes me saddest is seeing a puppy with her tail tucked between her legs and another one licking her lips. It does't appear either of these pups are publicity hounds.

Hopefully they can get adopted soon and enjoy a quiet life.


I saw the first one, poor dog. I just can't imagine having that pittie energy in that little body.

I have to agree with Pamela, neither one of these poops look really happy to me.

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