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Sampson would lick him to death. LOL

Good for this dog, I just hope the mainstream media doesn't grab it, then Thor is just another aggressive pit bull. :-(


Yes! I love it when pits get vindicated. My dog niece is a pit bull and she's a sweet and loving dog. Very smart, too, but you don't want to try to hurt her human pack. Big mistake.

My Doberman is all floppy ears and love until she thinks her humans are in danger and then she goes into protect mode. Every time I go down the driveway to get the mail, she's watching out for me. Otherwise she's what my husband calls the 90 pound chihuahua. It works for us.


I want to highlight Jodi's post. I, too, hope Thor's actions aren't perverted by the anti-pit bull crowd.


Dogs seem to know the good guys from the bad guys.


GOOD DOG!!! I'm sure the camera backs up the dog otherwise the bad guy will file charges and try to put the dog down!

Linda ♪♫❤


WOW. What a good dog. Sometimes I wonder if my guys would step up or, like Jodi said, just go in for licks. But I also hope to never have them tested.


Wow its amazing how quickly dogs can sense danger. I hope that if I am ever in such a sticky situation my furry friends will spring into action.


I love stories like this. My Flash would take him out. My Chewy would lick him to death.

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