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Harris Anderson

This is why we say Dog has a specific common sense, They know what, when, how to do... Being a Vet, I have realized this thing very well. My patients bring their dogs once, the next time they bring them in, the dog knows me very well!!


Cute story but the owner is pretty irresponsible - she could get hit by a car or stolen. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't. And she looks like a really sweet dog.


We have a similar case here - a little brown terrier loves the bus! Gets on the seat and enjoys the sights :)


This story is so adorable even NPR picked it up. They don't usually jump on the viral bandwagon.

Seattle is one of the few cities that allows dogs on public transit. What's really cool is that they let this pup ride for free. Because I can't imagine she carries change.

Lara Elizabeth

That's quite amazing though I would worry too much about my dogs roaming around unattended!

It's Dog or Nothing

What an adorable story! It would worry me too much to allow my dogs to do that, but it's still cute.


It is a fun story - I think I'd freak a little if I got separated like that from my dog. Jack would end up in a grocery store.

Jackie Bouchard

THe hubs just emailed me this very story. It's a sweet story. I know there are some who will be worried for the dog, but it sounds like there are lots of folks looking out for Eclipse. So smart to know her stop! (But then, not surprising. Rita has had to lead her directiionally challenged daddy home once or twice!)


That is a smart dog.


What a smart pup! Our German Shepherd, Elke, has taken to walking to a neighbor's house down the street to play with his Rottweiler. He's brought her back to our house as have several other neighbors who have spotted her on her way. We get a little frantic over it, but it's nice to know there are others who are watching over Elke. BTW the Rottweiler has visited our yard and we return him to his house. These dogs can be very single minded.


The story is adorable! I hope she continues to be safe!


Gregory Mills

What a lovely dog. How I wish my dogs could do the same thing. They are trained but usually more on household chores.


I love this story..

Donna O.

WOW...what a smart dog!!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmph that dog gits to ride the bus but my mama and dada wont eeven let me owt in the bak yard by myself wen they ar not home!!! just becuz of that wun time wen i tried to dig my way owt but i meen i wuz trying to eskayp frum the terribul parakeet in the howse yoo wood hav dun the saym thing!!! ok bye


I could never trust my dogs to do this. Delilah would take the bus to the all night buffet and Sampson would find someone who gave good belly rubs. Meanwhile, I'd be home frantic.

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