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We all have a lot to learn about how we deal with the world. This is just one example.


I would probably do the same. It's a shame they don't allow pets, but I understand the issues.


I would hate to be in this poor man's predicament, but I would rather stay with my dog rather than leave him outside the shelter. I say that in the comfort of my home.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

The crazy thing is that many dogs living with homeless people are perfectly socialized and well behaved. It's part of being with their human every day, all the time.

If I were weighing allowing a dog into an apartment building, I'd probably take the one living with a homeless man before one living the over 50% of all people who never walk their dogs.

I hope the two end up in a home together.


I hate that people have to make this choice. I would make the same decision myself so I commend this guy. I hope they raise the money to help him and Petey.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay this reeminds me of a homeless man wot yoozed to be in owr nayborhud he wood ride his bike evryware with his two big dogs trotting alongside on a leesh and his wun littel dog riding in a basket with him!!! i do not no wot eventchooally happend to him or his dogs but i do no his dogs always lukd happy and helthy so i no he tuk gud kayr of them as i am shoor dave duz for petey!!! ok bye


YAY for that man and his beloved dog! I hope they get a good home!!



I saw a lot of that when I was in San Francisco..homeless people with their dogs who would feet the dog before they ate..sad

rob scutro

After a local news broadcast, a number of friends who had fallen out of touch got in contact with Dave. There were nearly 50 offers of places to live – from New Jersey to California – but Dave politely declined, because now, along with Petey, he is staying with one of his friends in his hometown of Rahway, NJ. Bob – the man who started the fundraiser – all fundraising money has been returned , we are reaching out to all who donated food and clothing to see if they would like to be refunded or donated to another cause.


Thank you for bringing us this happy ending.


Dave and petey never refused any offers they have a PayPal account davenpetey@ Gmail.com if anyone wants to donate, please don't send anymoney to Robert scutros as he is not helping them

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