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Mileys Daily Scoop

What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing!


Oh...I'm standing up cheering! YAY!!!!



i loved that story. finally something truly inspirational with a happy ending from the news. :)

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

What could make slogging through nearly 500 miles of jungle more fun? Having a dog for company, of course.

So glad Arthur found a happy home with the team captain. I'm sure he'll have a much better life than he would have on his own.


What an amazing story. I heard about it on the morning news show on HLN and the anchor kept saying they gave the dog a meatball sandwich. These people didn't have meatball sandwiches. They ate canned food. Anyway, it illustrated the love and devotion most dogs are more than willing to give to their humans.

M. K. Clinton

This is a perfect story for our BFTB NETWoof news! We will report it in our sports section tomorrow and give you credit for the tip!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay i luv this storry!!! if sumbuddy gayv me meetballs i wood follo them for a gud long wile too!!! ok bye

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