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YAY!!!! I'm so glad you posted this it is an outstanding gift!


Jan K

That's a pretty good take on it, Jan. I'm a Nascar fan and it annoys me to no end that the only time the national media pays any attention to Nascar is when something bad happens. Nascar drivers are known for having a pretty good dislike for the print media for just the reasons you stated.
Thanks for sharing something positive about the NFL too!


We do need more good news, that's for sure!


Whatever the cause, bad news has always traveled faster than good. The advent of social media has made it travel even faster. It's nice to hear that there is still some good in the world. I wish nothing but the best for Miguel and Stryker.


I love that!! I wish the athletes and organizations that do good things was more publicized in the media. Perhaps then we'd have good role models for our children to look up to.


rescue dogs are wonderful pets

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