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Oh my, that just breaks my heart. That's is definitely a dumb ass dog owner. I do hope their name goes on a list and they are not allowed to have dogs again, that's just so vile and disgusting.

I do hope the dogs will get a new home where there are no dumb ass dog owners.

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Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

OMD! Sounds like some dumb ass needs to be remodeled.

Hopefully the pups will end up much better off.


GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I hate people like that...I hope a great family comes along and they all get to go together!



That one takes the case for dumb ass excuses. I hope their new plumbing leaks :)


There are so many Chihuahuas for adoption around San Diego. It is so sad. On any given day there are dozens of them up for adoption with animal control.


That is the dumbest excuse for getting rid of your pets that I've ever heard. That's double down dumb. Those poor little things. I hope someone gives them a good home... together.

Jackie Bouchard

Sometimes when a dumbass takes a dog back to the shelter I think, well now at least the dog has a chance to get some real love. But it's heartbreaking to think these four will now be separated. I hope they can at least rehome them in pairs! At least the dumbassses took them to a shelter and didn't just dump them somewhere. That's the only good thing I can come up with to say about such people.

Chelsea Price

There are SO many dumbass reasons for surrendering your pet to a shelter, and I've heard tons of them! It's so sad. My dog is a family member, and I don't understand how people can think otherwise.


Yeah I've heard that one when volunteering (well similar - the fur didn't match the couch). The saddest one I heard though was when the person I was interviewing was wanting to adopt the dog, and then mentioned "well, how can I turn in my old dog"... "What?" "Well I want to adopt this dog because it's young, and turn in my old one".


The adoption was not accepted, needless to say.




Feeling sorry for such people who abandon their pets so easily. Its really heartbreaking. Imagine you are making your own children homeless. Really upsetting.


Oh my Hell!!!! That is horrid, those poor little guys.


Poor chihuahuas !!!!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm if i had the address of the famly wot dumpd those chihuahuas at the shelter i wood sneek into there howse and show them how remodeling is reely dun!!! yoo no i cud do it!!! ok bye

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