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if men can stare at goats and make them keel over, why not a hypnotizing dog? :)


Look deep into my eyes....................LOOK DEEP!!!


Jackie Bouchard

Oh dear... what will they think of next? I don't think those folks are even on the payroll. I think they just took part for the fun of trying to make folks think they were hypnotized by a dog. And, yes, I do have a fondness for the word "gobsmacked" - I used to work w/ some Brits who used it a lot. I never felt like I could pull it off though.


Dogs have stronger minds than humans. I think Princess definitely put them under her spell.


It looks like they were all finding a comfortable place to land so I dont think they just fell asleep


I think it's bunk. Number one most of the time the dog wasn't even looking at them. I think she was gobsmacking the crowd for their dollars. ;-)


Look into the hypnotic eye!

That's a line from a cheesy old movie I remember watching as a kid. People were paid to act in this movie in much the same way.

That's all. I'm too gobsmacked to add anything more.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay all hail hypnotoad!!! i meen hypnodog!!! ok bye


I say I say I say bullshit..boy..bullshit..

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