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I'm so proud of us for not putting him down


They will learn a lot from this procedure.

Dogs N Pawz

I'm so glad they didn't euthanize Bentley! It didn't make sense to me that they euthanized Excalibur when they really don't know if dogs can get Ebola. They could have learned so much if they would have done with Excalibur what is being done with Bentley. So sad:(


i felt very bad for the nurse in spain. now that she is doing well, she does not have her sweet dog to go home to.


I feel so sorry for that nurse in Spain. Here she recovers and her best friend is gone. Shame on the quickness to kill!



Spanish officials overreacted. They could have learned much from the nurse's dog.

I hope Bentley's well being helps Miss Pham keep up her spirits.


I'm glad that Bentley is doing so well! I was worried that he would be very anxious, but it sounds like things are going well.


I was appalled at Spain's actions and am so proud we are handling this in better fashion.

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