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oh no, thats sad


Those utterly barbaric monsters shouldn't be allowed to hijack a name that's been around for eons. I say we don't knuckle under to them. Let them change the name of their stinky group... F**ktards is open and highly suitable.


What about a new story line, in which Isis the dog becomes a jihadist and terrorizes the bucolic village of Downton? See, people, there's an answer for everything.


Oh, man! I hope they don't either!


My husband loves Downtown Abbey. For me, the highlight of the show was seeing the wagging tail in the opening credits. And playing "spot the puppy" the rest of the show.

If they do this, there's no reason for me to ever watch it again.


So silly! The goddess has been around a lot longer. I think we should all reclaim the name of Isis and talk about the goddess a lot more, and take power away from those monsters.

Jackie Bouchard

Oh good grief. I think the viewing public can understand the difference between Isis the dog and ISIS the terrorists. I hope they don't do that.


That is just plain silly!


What?!?! Oh, my goodness. How ridiculous. I really hope dear Isis isn't written out. I adore the show, and she's one of my favorite characters!

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