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Same here - I've never had catfish, and it's all thanks to Grandad's catfish recipe scarring me in my youth. Wouldn't it be a joke on us both if it turned out catfish was delicious?

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

What is it with catfish that we're so willing to believe the terrible things people say about it?

I avoided catfish for years because my husband said it was awful. Despite loving all kinds of fish, mollusks, and even disgusting things most people avoid like pig stomach, sweetbreads, etc.

One day I couldn't believe it was so terrible. I had to try it. Especially since it was on sale for $2.50 a pound.

I dipped it in egg and dredged it in a mix of bread crumbs and Old Bay Seasoning (a MD spice mix we use to season crabs and other seafood) before baking it in the oven for a few minutes.

It's tender and yummy. Okay, maybe it isn't yummy. Maybe it's just the Old Bay Seasoning. But it's $2.50 a pound! :)

So last year I would have followed your catfish recipe. But no longer.


I'm sure we'll never know........like Rocky Mountain oysters.

Lili Labradoodle


Nice blog, we've linked to you.

Lili Labradoodle


You gave me a huge laugh! I'm not a fan of fish...although, I used to love frozen fish sticks!

as a side bar note...rocky mountain oysters are good, if you don't have to cook them yourself!


M. K. Clinton

I can honestly say that if you have never had fried catfish, you are missing one incredible taste. We have catfish restaurants all over Louisiana. Do yourself a favor, and try a plate. Mmmmmm ♥


Hahaha! I didn't know that you were a Hoosier too!


ROFL, you caught me. I was all ready to copy down the recipe. Fish for us also comes in plastic bags and is generally square or rectangular.
And now they are saying that that is the safest kind to eat.
Had catfish once in Missouri. It was bony as all get out.


I love most fish including fish sticks. My girls are grown women and still love to dip them in a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard.

Fried catfish is very good. Rocky Mountain Oysters make me want to puke.


We have a friend in Florida that does a catfish fry, he has a special breading/seasoning that he puts on it and it's actually fairly tasty. Although I only ate it once and I may have been drunk at the time so my recollection could be skewed. :-)


Catfish can taste muddy, probably since they're bottom feeders. Most farmed catfish is fine.



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