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I think you have something here.


One time, you and I watched a movie made in the 50s about high school kids. All the actors looked 30 years old. A few weeks later, you and I watched a modern movie about high school kids. In that movie, all the actors looked 17 years old. That was when you explained your theory that the universe is speeding up. Empirical proof: high school age kids in movies are younger and younger every decade. It made me a believer.


And I thought it was just me who thought these things.

Jackie Bouchard

Oh, I agree! The universe is definitely speeding up. Or... sometimes I wonder if it's just that as a kid, you had those big markers to delineate time - start of the school year, xmas break, spring break, summer break. Now, life just kinda rolls along with no big 'breaks' to break things up so it all runs together and seems to be flying by faster. Anyway - that's my theory - cuz remember how time seemed to crawl when you were a kid?! Or... it's the toiletpaper thing...


I think it's the toilet paper thing...when I was younger it was sooo slow, thought I'd never get out on my own and now - zip...


Yes, I do think we have the empirical evidence.


Time does seem to be flying.

Susan and the gang from Life with Dogs and Cats

I remember when summers seemed endless; now I blink and they're gone. Time does seem to go faster...except when I'm at the dentist. Then it sloooowwws down.

Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats


Everything goes way too fast for me. Always has. so, I support your theory! I think this means I need to just slooooww down and chill out more often. And purposely do nothing.

Sherry in MT

Gosh wish I knew and how to slow it down!


When I had four kids all in diapers or in the potty training mode I used to think they would never grow up! Now I think I was silly to want to hurry everything up. At that point in life I had an elderly lady (she was 70) say...it will go fast...don't waste your life wishing everything away. Suddenly it WILL be gone and you will be wishing it were back.



Oh I dunno, sometimes I feel that way and sometimes I don't! Trying to stay present every moment, I think that's the only solution.


I think the older I get the fast it goes.


the rolls are narrower..is that a word?

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