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It's Dog or Nothing

Great review. I'll have to look into this book. I really enjoy reading training books.

2 brown dawgs

Thanks so much for joining the hop. It sounds like a great book. I totally agree with her fundamental truth. That is one thing we work on when we are doing hunt test training. You cannot believe the little ways the dogs manipulate and you don't always notice them, but our trainer is there to point them out...lol.


Love that heading...Many Dog Problems are really Human Problems. SOOOO true. Thanks for the review, I'll have to check this book out.


I had to go back and read that post on the magpie slaughter, funniest post ever.

Sherry in MT

Love the clothes story and might have to go take a peek at the book and add to my ever growing reading list.


wonder if that training book would have helped with Nate..but at 110 pounds it was hard to boss him around.

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