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I'm equally afraid that other commonly-made errors will become accepted English, as well. You're and your, it's and its among them.


You are right. The Grammar Police have some serious work ahead of them.


This is humorous to me on several levels. It's too long to go into the whole story here, but I had an humanities professor who emphasized that books (meaning objects) layed and people lied.. unless you were getting lucky and that has nothing to do with grammar. I had some great professors along the way.

Jackie Bouchard

I solve that problem by just telling the dog, "Down".

It bugs me when things are used incorrectly so much that it eventually just becomes okay - like the word literally. But... I suppose you're right that if we didn't accept some changes in our language we'd all still be talking in stilted, formal ways. So, I guess I doth agree with thee, fair lady.


Or the slap on the wrist sort of thing...

M. K. Clinton

I'd be lying if I said that those do not give me fits in writing! As an adult, I have learned the biggest mistake I made was not paying attention to my English teacher. Goofing off in Algebra has not been as detrimental!


I've lost track of the number of days I've gone without using algebra. :-)


Yeah, well try forgetting three semesters of calculus.


i never liked the 'lying' down so i often use laying. like a hen. :)


I think I'm guilty. I know, what a disappointment I am. I think I might have to print this out though and tape it near me when I write, that way I'll remember it. (BTW I just tell my dogs, "DOWN") then there is no confusion on my (or their) part.


We wouldn't recognize lay down either. With all that confusion, it's a wonder Jan didn't just teach us to "hit the floor".


Seriously, you use algebra almost everyday whether you think about it or not. Don't hate me loving algebra.


BOL...luckily I only use "Down" as the command, so no grammar mistakes being made here :)


Unfortunately I used "down" when they were young to mean don't jump on people and now it means get off the table and stop doing dumb stuff. So I have to use "Lie down."


My brother would love you. He is an educator (high school math teacher with a Master's degree and received his administrator's license) with a degree in English!


I simply use "down."

And how about those rescue tags that say "Who rescued who?" when it should be "whom." :)

Jan K

Oh goodness, I was an English major in college and I still screw up these two. Whenever I go to use it in the blog, I hesitate, think about it, and then I think I still get it wrong sometimes. Thank you for giving me a refresher lesson! I'm going to bookmark this page for next time my brain cramps up. I had to actually stop and think about which I used with the dogs too....I'm pretty sure I've been saying "lie down"...most of the time anyway.


Jan, I get that one wrong sometimes! I have to stop and think about it, and I even have a background in English. Mostly, though, I just don't care all that much. A woman emailed me recently just to point out I had used the wrong word. I always have to wonder about people who take the time to do that. Good grief! :)


I have to confess--I have advanced degrees in English, and I mostly just avoid using lay/lie. I've occasionally been corrected for sit/set errors too, for shame. Accept and except I've got, but my brain just can't seem to hold on to the others. Maybe one day I'll have it.

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