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That whole thing irritated me...the criticism of this, which is one of my favorite blogs...at least in part because of that very writing style that the "editor" complained about. If you are writing a scholarly article, a pedantic style is fine. If you are writing a blog, you can expect to drive away all your readers if your prose is perfect rather than engaging.Keep up the good work! lol


It is a blog, written and read for pleasure. I love reading your blog and appreciate your writing style. Threecollie's comments are excellent. People who feel it is necessary to criticize others without being asked, well, they make my topknot want to explode!


Some people just like to feel superior and then they show their ignorance by tearing down someone else. You can't read a few lines of something and then insult the writer. I'm glad you have enough confidence not to let it bother you. not everyone has.


Well, we'd be tossed out of such a group before one finished reading our first sentence. We love to have fun on our blog and we don't care if we split infinitives or dangle participles or even smash an occasional grammar rule with a sledge hammer. Jan's excuse is she's so old she can't even remember the rules of grammar, let alone teach them to us. That's okay. We'll forgive her that. But not reading the calendar and forgetting our birthdays ... no!


Meh. As someone who spent some time teaching writing, that's what I've got to say. Meh.


oh, my good golly molly! sheesh! take a chill pill! That's no way to get clients. :D


Too much...I sometimes worry that I'm being too casual, but then I take your philosophy...my blog, my grammar...or lack thereof ;)


I don't know what a dangling participle is. Here's what I took from her criticism, "Blah, blah, blah, blah. Blah."


It is a blog for Dog's SAKE!! And (see what I did there? Yes, I broke a grammar rule but for the life of me I couldn't tell you which one.) :-) while it's true some blogs should be written with a more formal style, the true art of blogging is finding your voice. And (oops, did it again) your voice is what appeals to and draws your readers in.

So (is that another one?) as long as you are true to yourself and your readers, the rest of the world can go pound sand.

Thanks for the shout out Jan!! I'm so proud of you when you rebel. Siriusly. ;-)


All I can say is, if she is that concerned about it...uhm maybe she could go bark up a tree? Engaging people is more than just proper grammatical structure and prose. Last time I looked bloggers aren't doing this for a grade.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

I'm giggling. Because I loved your writing in that piece.

Knowing the rules of writing is just like the rules of painting. Picasso spent years doing formal drawings before he began experimenting. Once you know the rules, you can start breaking them.

Many of the best books I've ever read would be terrible if they followed strict grammatical rules in every paragraph.

Glad you have a sense of humor when dealing with the grammar police. :)

Crazy Dog Life

What kind of editor doesn't know about a writer's voice for a blog which is a relaxed style. Although, there is always a bit of me in a post, you can definately see the difference in my Monday Mischief posts from a serious informative article. I also sell freelance articles which have little of me in them but have perfect grammer. I always think they are so boring but hey, they are paying.
Do not let the Grammer Natzi's bother you. They are uptight people who never learned the difference between grammar rules and creative writing. Good writers know the rules and how to break them when necessary for whatever emphasis they are looking for. Writing is not a science it is an expression and I feel sorry for the boring writers who do not understand that. I try to avoid blogs like that because you might as well be reading a text book.

Jackie Bouchard

Grammar geek? Sounds more like she wanted to throw you in the Grammar Gulag. Have to agree with the take a chill pill advice! And I love fragmented sentences! Love 'em!


Jan! You are my hero! This is hilarious. Haven't read your soccer post yet. Going to now.


I hope no writer trying to learn a craft is subjected to this  kind of internet bullying.


A.............Don't change! I read you because you feel human...you sound like a real person...you read like you are warm and funny and JUST LIKE ME!!! Don't change! I'm enjoying getting to know you over all these years, if you read like a proper text book............

Well, just don't change!



I love your blog the way it is. Please don't let anyone make you change it.


Shirley, you jest. I hope Ms. Head Grammar Geek learns the difference between writing a formal paper for peer review and a dog lover's blog.

Boldly go, Jan!


HAHA! So, I know I'm way behind here. But, I love starting sentences with conjunctions! :) I consider myself a grammar geek. That lady is just a grammar meanie. I teach English comp at community college, and I emphasize to my students the importance of knowing the rules well enough to know when it's right to break them. I love this post. Mind if I share a printed version of it with my students this fall?


I type when comes out of my head...If spell check doesn't get it I will catch it..sometimes..if not? time is too fecking short to worry about grammer.

BJ Pup

This woman needs to get a life. i taught English for 17 years in a high school.
She's wrong about beginning sentences with a conjunction. If she gets picky, tell her use a comma after the conjunction. Poetic license lets people use be creative..

Your style made for quick reading and retention. Grammar is ingrained in me so I need to work at it to use incorrect grammar. I'd hate to see her response to the use of punctuation. LOL.

Love the post.


I am the person who wrote the "harsh" note to Jan. Y'all will be happy to know that I have had five strokes and can no longer read, edit or criticize anyone's writing. No matter what y'all think, starting a sentence with a conjunction is not proper English. Yes, someone else is typing this for me. I was a very successful Editor in Chief of a very successful writing company. I am no longer capable of reading. Karma I suppose. Good luck to you, Jan.

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