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Everything is offensive , everything is racist, everything is against religion, every thing is a issue It goes too far.
When I Pointed out why are dogs that bite children put down and pedophiles who also scar children for live sit free, was also an offence.


IceQueen is right. No matter what you do, you offend someone.


That made me angry but when people speak up they are called racist, bigoted, ignorant etc.

Here's the deal, I don't judge anyone based on skin color/race/ethnicity/gender/sexual preference etc. I judge them on whether or not they are assholes. And guess what? The majority of people are assholes. Not you of course, I like you...:-)


You made me laugh out loud! YES! You are so right!!!!



Oh my gosh. I like the school examples.

A friend of mine, who lives in Fargo, actually just told me she received an apologetic letter from the school when her 4-year-old did not make it onto a sports team.

The letter said something like "We are so sorry your daughter didn't make the team and we hope she is not discouraged from participating in future athletic programs." And it went on and on apologizing and hoping it wouldn't ruin this 4-year-old's "athletic career."

My friend thought this letter was hilarious and said her daughter had had a blast at the "tryouts" but didn't even know it was a competition.

Kind of funny how overly concerned schools are these days.


Bravo--what an absolutely true post. It's gets a bit tiring trying to figure out who or what you're offending next. If someone told me, while I was dying Easter Eggs, that I was coloring Spring Spheres, I would have thought they were nuts. Oops, maybe that's offensive to squirrels.....


Great post...

Dennis the Vizsla

I am reminded of a New Yorker humor piece from a few years back called "Dear Mountain Room Parents", in which a beleaguered teacher attempts to have a Day of the Dead celebration in her classroom. It can be read at http://www.newyorker.com/humor/2011/10/24/111024sh_shouts_semple. My favorite bit from said piece:

"Mountain Room Parents:

It’s late and I can’t possibly respond to each and every e-mail. (Not that it comes up a lot in conversation, but I have children, too.) As the skulls have clearly become a distraction, I decided to throw them away. They’re in the compost. I’m looking at them now. You can, too, tomorrow at drop-off. I just placed a “NO BASURA” card on the bin to make sure it doesn’t get emptied. Finally, to those parents who are offended by our Day of the Dead celebration, I’d like to point out that there are parents who are offended that you are offended.



​That was brilliant. Thanks for sending. I can't even imagine trying to engage children and not offending The Parent.

Donna O.

Those are some crazy examples, and so very sad that this stuff happens. People need to spend more time enjoying their lives, and less time trying to censor everyone else.

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