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Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay in this kayse the pet treet maykers and sellers ar an insult to neanderthals!!! gud on tara the cat tho maybe we shud let her hav a wurd with the iddyots hoo keep selling chineez treets!!! ok bye


That Tara video is absolutely incredible. What a good, brave girl! As for the jerky... smh. Unbelievable. All of it.


how incredibly sad about those jerky treats. i haven't bought any new products lately - am afraid to. and definitely nothing manufactured in china.

Jackie Bouchard

Saw that video of the cat - such a brave kitty! And that dating story is nutty. Glad the pup is back home! I didn't realize that they weren't removing the treats from China until 2015. That's pathetic! Gotta read the labels so carefully these days!


Great awards - well deserved I would say!


Thank you for showcasing a cat for a change. Tara is my hero kitty because of her wonderful story and also that Tara happens to be the name of my car (yes, I name my vehicles, more surprisingly is that don't name them after Star Trek starships).

Lizard Brain and Neanderthal award winners are just unbelievable, but not surprising.


Oh, gosh! I think the companies that put the stuff on the shelf need to be sued, from here to eternity. Pisses me WAY OFF!!!


Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Let's hope people stop buying Chinese-made jerky treats so the Neanderthals get the message.


I was amazed by that cat, very impressive.

I don't get why people are still buying these treats? SEVEN years, and people are still buying.


I love that cat..

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