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The BCs we had were utterly obsessed with work. Lived for it in fact.


My dogs have to work for treats and food. They are much happier than they would be by just getting freebees. Not so differnet from most people.


ME too! I prefer work over welfare!!!!


Jackie Bouchard

Hmmmm... I guess Rita's the lone one who just wants welfare in this crowd! I do often make her work for a treat, but she also just gets handed them once in a while - and she seems perfectly happy either way!


Our dogs definitely prefer to work! It doesn't surprise me even a little bit.



My Bruce is most definitely a welfare dog : )


I think my dogs prefer work. There are many examples of this, but whenever I go to check the mailbox, Maxine, our Doberman, waits at mid-driveway and watches for any intruders. I pity the fool that messes with me when I check my mail.


I think my guys are pretty fine with lying on the sofa and being fed bon-bons, but, alas, I make them work for a living ;-)

First time here. Looks like a great blog!

M. K. Clinton

My boys enjoy the easy life, but they insist that what they do is hard work. Both are certain that they are the only reason the mailman has not murdered us all! hahaha!


I have definitely seen this in dogs!


That is a really interesting study. The results shouldn't be surprising--as Fozzie and Lamar definitely light up more when asked to do a trick in exchange for a tasty snack, and even seem somewhat stressed when offered a free snack--but it's cool to see them formalized in a study.

Dogs N Pawz

My three are welfare dogs! I guess I didn't raise them right!

Kari Neumeyer

I believe that most dogs like having jobs, but my Leo is like the son who still lives in his parents' basement when he's forty. We've tried Rally O, nose work, agility. I think he prefers just hanging out.


I think Jack would prefer to have a job - he likes 'doing' stuff. But as a senior, he's retired.


Delilah will do both. She doesn't care as long as she gets the treat.

I think Sampson is a welfare dog, he's super laid back and lazy.


Hmmm, we dogs love to get treats for nothing. We really do. But working for them is more gratifying.


Our German Shepherd and our Doberman are both working dogs. They are more than happy to work for their kibbles, but they also want their me-time, e.g., when they lie on their backs in the grass and pump their legs up in down in pure doggie joy. I don't mind as long as they keep their fun on the grass on not on our bed.


Dexter lauuuuughs....

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